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Supplementary Materials:
Figure S1. Expression of the exogenously introduced GFP tagged PLAU and SRSF2 proteins in H-bc
cells. A, the schematic map of the constructs. B, The representative image of the fluorescent microscope of the
H-bc cells transfected with the PLAU-GFP, SRSF2-GFP and GFP construct, respectively. Green, the fluorescent
field, Bright, the bright illumination field.
Figure S2. The activities of the sixteen signaling pathways in 5637 versus H-bc cells
A, Constructs used for signaling pathway analysis, Pathway-focused dual-luciferase reporter construct was a
mixture of an inducible transcription factor responsive firefly luciferase reporter and constitutively expressing
Renilla construct. Transcriptional response element (TRE) sequence response to each specific transcriptional
factor was constructed before the TATA box of firefly luciferase reporter gene. CMV controlled Renilla expression
was co-transfected into the cell as an internal control. Non-inducible reporter construct which lacks the
transcriptional factor binding sequence that could not be induced by any transcription factors is used as a
negative control. CMV controlled constitutive expression of firefly luciferase reporter gene is transfected into the
cell and set as the positive control. B, The pathway activities established by the Cignal Finder Pathway package
and listed in table were described using the relative luciferase reporter activities over the negative control. The
green indicate the pathways with more than 2-fold higher activities in 5637 than in H-bc cells; red cells indicate
the reverse case. C, The data are plotted. *, P<0.1; **, P<0.01.
Figure S3. The activities of seven signaling pathways regulated by the miR-193a-3p/its three target genes.
A, The effect of the 3PM transfection on the activities of seven signaling pathways in 5637 (A-C) and H-bc (D-F).
The grey cells indicate that the pathways failed to respond in an expected manner. The activities (H) and relative
activities (I) of the siRNA transfected versus NC transfected 5637 cells were listed in Table (G) and plotted.
Figure S4: Immunostaining analysis of tumor tissues from in vivo study. A, The 5637 and H-bc tumor
tissues from each group were fixed on one slide and immunostained for indicated antibody, respectively. Levels
of Ki67, SRSF2, and TP73 proteins in each were determined by immunostaining. B, Levels of Ki67, SRSF2, and
TP73 proteins were summarized in the table.