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The Ancient Israelites
Chapter 10 Outline
Seventh Grade Social Studies
Mr. LaBrache
Read lesson 1 on “Early Biblical History” in your textbook (pgs. 298 – 303). As you read, fill in the
blank spaces that are provided for you in the outline form below. This is a warm-up exercise to get you
ready to start to make your own outlines. Notice that the lesson title, the topic titles, and the sub-topic
titles are all in bold print to help guide you through the section.
Early Biblical History
A. The Belief of the Israelites
1. The god of the Israelites
- ________________ is the belief that there is only one god
2. The History of Biblical Times
- _____________ is the religion of the Jewish people
- The first five books of the bible are called the ____________
- This contains the ___________ ____________ of Judaism
- In the Christian bible these are the first five books of the
_________ ________________
- Historians use the bible, along with ________________
____________ and other ______________ ____________ to
interpret the events of biblical times
B. The Origin of the Israelites
- According to the bible, God commanded ____________ to move from
the city of ___________ into ____________ around 1900 BCE
1. The Land of the Israelites
- Canaan was an important location because
- it was a _____________ ____________
- a __________________
- a _____________________
- and a ___________________
- The geography of Canaan included
- fertile ____________
- __________________ _____________
- rocky hills
- and arid ____________
- Most of the people in Canaan had one of two jobs
- __________________
- __________________
- Gradually, these nomads came together as a people called the
- According to the bible, these people became the slaves of the
- Abraham’s grandson was named ______________
- God told him that he would be called ___________ and his
children and believers in their god would be called
2. The Leadership of Moses
- The enslaved Israelites found a leader in a man named
- The Egyptian pharaoh finally let the Israelites go after they were
hit by ten ______________
- The long and difficult journey of the Israelites back to their
homeland is also known as the ________________
- This journey supposedly lasted about ________ years