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Artifact Proposal
Anne Bidwell
Content Area:
Secondary Social Studies
Tool: (circle one):
Content Exploration
Data Collection & Analysis
Personal Productivity
Copy and paste the case and the standards into the cells below:
Case: Ms. Matthews needs to explain the Circular Flow Model of a market economy to her
High School economics class. The Circular Flow Model is a "picture" of a market economy in
action. The Factors of Production (land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship) flow from
households (consumers like you and me) to producers (businesses). Goods and services flow
from producers to consumers and, in exchange, money flows in the opposite direction.
Sometimes the economy flows slowly, which means there's a decrease in economic activity.
Other times it flows more quickly, reflecting an increase. This is because there are lots of events
and actions that can affect the flow. Ms. Matthews is finding it extremely difficult to represent
these events and actions that make the market flow in an all-compassing way such that her
students can develop a basic understanding of the Model. Ms. Matthews is your mentor and has
specifically asked you to help her with this project. How can you help Ms. Matthews present this
information in the most informative and concise manner.
Standard(s): E.1.9 Diagram and explain a Circular Flow Model of a market economy, showing
households and businesses as decision makers, resource and money flows, and the three basic
markets – product, productive resources and financial markets.
1. Standard:
a) Explain the standard or learning goal of the lesson in your own words
This standard requires that students are able to explain how our economy works
and the flow between production, households, and producers.
They should be able to describe inflation and deflation and why that flow occurs.
b) What is the technology side of the problem that needs to be addressed?
The problem is finding a way to represent these actions and events that make the
market flow in a way that the students understand the Model.
c) Write a learning objective that relates to the standard/learning goal and the
technology problem. NOTE: Need to revisit this at each step.
Given the class discussion, assigned readings, Farmersi game, and YouTube
tutorial, students will be able to identify what makes a market economy flow,
what can affect it, and why that is on a multiple choice test, scoring no less than
2. Needs: What do you need in a resource or tool?
a) Learners: Explain characteristics of learners (Grade level/ Gender/
Socioeconomic status/ Culture and ethnicity/ Existing knowledge of content/
Motivation/ Learning style/ Special needs/ Technology literacy)
10th grade students/ 15 males, 10 females/ Middle to upper class/ 16 Caucasians,
9 African Americans/ Moderate prior knowledge/ Low to middle motivation/ Class
learns quickly but it’s hard to keep their attention sometimes/ No special needs/
High technology literacy
b) Learning Environments
 Student Grouping: Individual/group work/whole class?
Group work- Assigned partners- but there will be whole class
 Time: How much time needed for this lesson?
Five 50 minute class periods and possibly outside work.
 Resources: Describe the resources needed in the classroom environment Do you need teacher computer, projector, textbook, computer lab, etc.?
Computer lab, projector, textbook
 Media: Describe the sources of information needed - Do you need any CD,
DVD, pictures, maps, etc. (text/audio/image/audio +image)
During the class discussion, I’ll use Powerpoint to put some slides up
and the internet for the YouTube video and Farmersi game.
3. Options:
a) What resources can you access that might address the problem?
m PlusVideoga
Where can
you find it?
How could you use it?
It’s an economic game, where students manage their
virtual farms to grow crops, raise cattle, and make
investments. With the same initial conditions, they try
to develop their farms better and have higher profits
than their opponents. Students have to take into
account population number, immigration,
unemployment, wages, number of land plots, land price
and fertility, land tax, grain price on the local market,
price of cows on the local market, bank loan availability,
high-risk loans, and the minimum EP required.
http://www. This video explains the circular flow model with commentary, charts, and models. He explains it in a
m/watch?v= very clear way that may erase some confusion that
QSEuEPgQP students may have.
CapitalismPlus is a simulation game which can be
played in two different ways- the player may start their
own business or play with a pre-made business. The
student begins with initial capital and their store can be
stocked with up to four different items. It’s necessary
to take into account land cost, overhead, demand for
the products, and competition. The student can build
department stores, factories, research and
development centers, farms, mines, oil wells, or even
logging camps.
Informati http://www. It’s an online business simulation game that allows
stinformatist. students to have 16 different business fields to choose
Business net/Navigati from, 80 different products that you can manufacture,
a choice between private or public companies, 35
different real estate areas to choose from, dynamic
stock market, business mergers and opportunities to
form partnerships, and an extensive job pool to choose
employers from.
http://www. An educational game that simulate macroeconomic
worldgameo activity in a global context. Students are in charge of
Economi feconomics. their nation’s economic policies. They are the chief
cs Game- com/WorldE economic advisers to the president, legislature, and the
Educatio conomicsGa central bank. The object of the game is to promote
balanced economic growth without excessive pollution,
while maintaining full employment without too much
inflation. Fiscal, trade, and monetary policies are used
to avoid undesirable situations such as a depression or
b) Which three resources are you the least familiar with?
Resource Name
URL with info on how to use
Full Manuel- Introduction:
4. What to use?
a) Which of the tools you identified should be used?
I’m going to use the YouTube tutorial and the Famersi game.
b) How should these tools be used? (Provide a brief description of the activity)
During the first class period, the class will have already done the assigned reading
so they will watch the YouTube tutorial on the projector and I’ll give a lecture on
the information while students take notes, ask questions, and discuss what they
think about our current economy. They will be assigned to groups of two in which
they will both have to bring a newspaper article into class the next time about the
economy. For the next four class periods, they will be with their partners and
play the Famersi game online during class. They are welcome and encouraged to
continue playing at home at night to increase their profits. After those four class
periods, during the next class, I’ll give out prizes to the top 5 partners who made
the biggest profit and a paper will be due. The partners can write the paper
together and it will just be a short 1-2 page summary of what they did in the
game, what strategies they used- which ones worked and didn’t work, and how
that relates to one of their newspaper articles they brought in on the second day.
Also, there will be a multiple choice quiz on the class reading, lecture, and
YouTube video.
c) Provide links to existing examples of teacher or student work related to these
tools or the activity you decided to use.
Existing Example URL
Brief Summary
d) What would you need to create in order to make this activity possible?
(Example: Tutorial, interactive quiz, job aid, rubric, online forum, online survey)
A powerpoint with lecture material on it, a rubric, a multiple-choice quiz, an
instruction sheet on how to use the game.
e) Are there any foreseeable problems in using this?
The game could be too complicated and
one of the partners could slack off
making the other partner do all the
How it could be addressed
I’ll play the game first to make sure it’s
easy to play, and they won’t be graded
on how well they do in the game. Also
the partners will be graded individually
and they will grade each other.
5. WhY to use? How does the approach you chose address…
a) Effectiveness?
b) Efficiency?
The YouTube video will help speed up the student’s understanding because it’s a
quick video that explains the economy in a different way then I will so the
students will have the information explained to them in two different ways in one
class period.
c) Enhancement?
The game will be an example of how the economy affects them in real-life and all
the different factors that go into it and into having a business. They will also have
to learn to work together and make business strategies with a partner.
d) The goals (technology problem and learning objective you identified)
Students will be able to identify what makes a market economy flow, what can
affect it, and why that is students will be able to identify what makes a market
economy flow, what can affect it, and why that is from the information presented
in class and learning from the Farmersi game.
Grading Rubric: completed by reviewer & instructor
With adequate
Superficially or
detail and with
with components
no components
Points Comments
In significant
detail and with
no components
approach not
connected to
learning goal
connected to
learning goal but
approach not
described in
sufficient detail
connected to
learning goal and
described in
sufficient detail
C. Tool use...
Present but not
connected to
learning goal
Present and
connected to
learning goal
D. Spelling /
Major spelling
and grammar
No or only minor
E. Professional
language used
language used
F. Organization
Poor formatting
make answers
difficult to read
Formatting used
to make answers
easier to read
G. Feedback
No (0), Yes (1)
B. Proposed