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Honors United States History 2
Mr. Wernlund - Room D235 (East Wing)
E-mail: [email protected]
Extra Help: 6:45 – 7:10 AM or after school by appointment
United States History 2 is a full-year course designed to fulfill 5 credits of the United
States History 2 graduation requirement. The United States History 2 program will
provide Piscataway High School students with a comprehensive understanding of United
States history from the American imperial period to modern times. Students will
understand various cultural, economic, geographic, intellectual, political, psychological,
and social factors that contributed to the development of the United States. Students will
interpret historical events, empathize and sympathize to the issues raised in each unit, and
research major events that occurred in each unit.
Created Equal. Textbook will be distributed and kept at home. A class set will be
housed within the classroom for in-class use.
 BE ON TIME to class with all class materials
 Be respectful in class
 Make-up exams will be given the day you return to school following an
absence, and assigned work will be due the day after your absence.
 Complete all assigned work ON TIME. No late work will be accepted.
Extenuating circumstances will be dealt with individually.
Three-ring binder (dividers may be helpful)
Pen (blue or black) and pencils at all times
The following grading scheme will remain the same for each of the four marking
10% - Homework
15% - Class Participation and Preparedness
35% - Term Projects & In-Class Activities
40% - Quizzes, DBQs, and Tests
Grading Policy:
In accordance with school policy, the following grade distribution will be used to
calculate the final grade for this course:
22% - First Marking Period
22% - Second Marking Period
22% - Third Marking Period
22% - Fourth Marking Period
12% - Final Examination
Course Schedule: Scope and Sequence
Approximate Time Frame
Topics/Skills/Areas of Study
Turn of the Century: Modern America Emerges
Specific Content:
 19th Century Business and Labor
 Immigration
 The Gilded Age
 Imperialism
 The Progressive Age
September/October –
Marking Period 1
Content Specific Vocabulary
Document Analysis – HIPPO
Geography and Map Skills
Possible Assignments:
Robber Baron Trading Cards
Gilded Age Presidents Wanted Posters
Operation Imperialism Game
Spanish-American War DBQ
Progressive Presidential Report Card
A Changing America: War, Success, and Depression
Specific Content:
 World War I
 The Roaring 20’s
 The Harlem Renaissance
 The Great Depression
 The New Deal
January –
Marking Period 2
Document Synthesis
Resume Writing
Writing for Targeted Audiences
Possible Assignments:
 World War I Leader Resume
 Treaty of Versailles Debate
 Harlem Renaissance Brochure
 Stock Market Simulation
The World at War
February/March/April –
Marking Period 3
Specific Content:
 World War II
 The Cold War Begins
 Eisenhower and the Culture of the 1950’s
 The Kennedy Era
 Organization
 Document Synthesis
Primary Source Evaluation
Argumentative Rhetoric
Possible Assignments:
 Dictator Assessments
 Atomic Bomb Debate
 Cuban Missile Crisis Simulation
 Cold War DBQ
An Advancing America: Contemporary America
Specific Content:
 The Civil Rights Movement
 The Vietnam War
 The Cold War under Nixon, Ford, and Carter
 Reagan and the New Conservatism
 The Clinton Years
 Terrorism and post-9/11 America
 The Contemporary United States
Marking Period 4
End of June –
Final Examination
Document Synthesis
Argumentative Rhetoric
Possible Assignments:
 Civil Rights Picture Book
 #History: Vietnam War Edition
 Iran Hostage Crisis
 The Clinton Impeachment: An Assessment
 The 2016 Election: Who’s Who
Final Exam format to be determined