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Academic Biology 2016-17
Dr. Lisa Szeto
Room 118, West Wing
[email protected]
Website: Schoology
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Academic Biology is a 6 credit, full year course on the science of life
from the molecular to the global level. This course is required for graduation.
Respect. Responsibility. Integrity. Adapt.
Enter the classroom quietly, on time, with all the materials needed for class, ready to work. Sit down in your
assigned seat, get out homework and start working on the DO NOW. This is not the time for socializing and
conversation. Do not call out during class instruction and discussions, raise your hand. Be patient, it may not
be a good time. Give classmates your full attention when they are speaking. Successful learning comes
primarily from listening, not speaking. Please do not interrupt instruction with questions that are off topic or
pertaining only to you. Ask these questions before class, after class or when group work is in progress. During
group activities and labs, you are expected to focus primarily on the assigned tasks and make a significant
contribution to the group work. Cell phones, IPods, headphones and other devices should not be used or
visible at any time unless they are required for the lesson. Please ask to go to the restroom for all grooming
activities. Eating in class is permitted if we are not doing a lab. Students should remain in their seats until the
bell rings for dismissal.
1) Warning 2) Discussion after class 3) Parent contact
4) Referral to dean
Textbook: Biology (Prentice-Hall) by Miller and Levine
Set of 10 Pocket Folders, one for each unit.
Lined Paper in folder.
Pens and pencils.
Place to record homework assignments.
Optional but useful supplies: box of tissues, highlighters, small stapler, colored pencils, ruler
GRADE DISTRIBUTION: All grades are posted on Genesis.
25% Tests
35% Lab Reports
10% Quizzes
10% Classwork, Participation
10% Homework
10% Research Projects (1-2 per marking period)
Late work will be accepted until the assignment has been reviewed, graded and returned, losing 10% of the
earned grade per day. Students are responsible for making up work missed due to absence. Check in with me
after an absence, before class begins when you return. A period equal to the days absent will be given to
make up missed work. Tests and quizzes must be made up by the day after the student returns. Students
who arrive back to school on a quiz day will take the quiz on that day. You should e-mail me during absences
to stay current with class work. Any work submitted by e-mail will receive a return response by e-mail. If you
don’t receive a response, you will receive no credit for the assignment. No credit is given for work that is
copied from another student. Both students involved will receive a zero for that assignment and parents will
be notified.
First Marking Period:
Structure and Function of Life
Skills for Scientific Inquiry- Measurement, Graphing, Experimental Design
Characteristics of Life
Biochemistry- Properties of Water, Carbon, Organic Macromolecules, Enzymes
Cells- Microscopes, Organelles, Membranes, Diffusion, Transport
Second Marking Period: Cell Energy and Interdependence of Life
Cell Processes- Photosynthesis, Respiration
Ecology- The Biosphere, Ecosystems, Populations, Human Impact
Third Marking Period:
Inheritance and Variation
Reproduction- Cell Cycle, Mitosis, Meiosis
Molecular Biology- DNA, Chromosomes, Protein Synthesis, Mutation
Genetics- Mendel, Punnett Squares, Patterns of Inheritance
Benchmark Test
Fourth Marking Period: Natural Selection and Evolution
Genetic Engineering- Gene Manipulation, Artificial Selection
Evolution- Darwin, Modern Approach, Genes and Variation, Classification
Each marking period will be 22% of your grade for the year.
NJ Biology Competency Test (May 31st and June 1st)
Final Exam (Counts as 12% of your grade for the year.)
TECHNOLOGY: Personal devices will be used for instruction in the classroom. At other times, devices
should not be visible. I will also announce brief tech breaks during the block in which personal devices can be
used to check and send messages.
If you have difficulty with any of the topics we cover in class, or need to make up work due to absence, I will
be available after school on Mon and Weds. If you can’t come during these times, let me know and we will
schedule another time. Please bring specific questions and assignments.
No extra credit assignments will be given to students with failing grades.