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Comunicación y Gerencia
Origins of
Jewish People In History
• Homeland
– Area of Palestine called
– In 1800 BC (or so), Yahweh
(God) told Abraham to go to
Canaan, from Ur (in
– B’rit: contract between
Yahweh, Abraham as father
of Jewish people
• Yahweh promised to protect
Jewish people
• Jewish people promised to
obey Yahweh
Jewish People in History
• Around 1650 BC, Jewish
people moved from
Canaan to Egypt
• Exodus
– Egypt first welcomed
them (Joseph story), then
later enslaved them
– Hebrews fled Egypt
between 1300 and 1200
BC, back to Canaan
(Moses story)
• New Covenant
– Moses went to Mt. Sinai to
pray; there, he
encountered Yahweh
– Moses brings the Ten
• Basis for civil, religious laws
of Judaism
– New agreement between
Yahweh, Jewish people
• God protects them if they
follow commandments
– Hebrews wander for 40
years before reaching
Canaan (central Palestine)
Kingdom of Israel
• Hebrews expanded
North, South to get more
natural resources
• Philistines challenged
Hebrews, but lost (David
• Kingdom of Israel
– Jerusalem was its capitol
– Famous kings: David,
Solomon (baby splitter)
• Kingdom of Judah
(southern portion
Foreign Domination
• By 738 BC, both kingdoms
paying tribute to Assyria (bribes
not to invade)
• Assyrians lost to NeoBabylonians
– Policy was to re-locate conquered
people within Empire
– Jews were spread out!
– Called the “Babylonian Captivity”
• 539 BC: Persians defeated
Babylonians, allowed Hebrews
back to Jerusalem to rebuild
Sources of Jewish Law, Belief
• Torah (“written law”)
– First five books of Bible
– Tell the story of how
Yahweh chose Jewish
people to be examples
of how to live, worship
– Most broadly, Torah
means the entire body
of Jewish law: written,
oral, Talmud,
contemporary interp.
• Law for the Jewish
• Originally, oral law
passed down by
rabbis to students
• Talmud organized
topically, like an
Ten Commandments
• Religious, ethical
principles of Jewish
• Moses brought them to
the Jewish people
• First five = community
• Next five = individual
Belief System
• Monotheistic: belief in
one God, Yahweh
• One God who is all
powerful, personal,
Belief System
• Importance of Prophets
– Words of prophets are
– Literally means one who
proclaims word of God
(spokesman of Yahweh)
– Important prophets:
Abraham, Moses, Jesus
Reward and Punishment
• Follow the Covenant and
be rewarded with
Yahweh’s protection
• Intentionally disobey
Covenant and face
Yahweh’s wrath
• Chosen people
– Jewish people were chosen
by Yahweh as examples to
rest of world (worship)
– Does not mean that they are
the only ones to be saved