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Chapters 1-3 Test Review
 Be familiar with Notes from Notebook
 Know your Chapters 1-3 vocabulary.
 Be able to identify the different Climate Zones, Climate Types, Features and Vegetation.
What type of natural disaster does the term “seismic” refer to?
During _____________ very cold climates occur at the Earth’s north and south poles because the polar
regions are located furthest from the Equator and receive low-angle isolation.
_____________ occurs when water and wind move across the land surface, dropping material.
At what kind of plate boundary do tectonic plates collide?
What is thought to be the main cause of global warming, and climate change associated with it?
Which two plates form the western coastline of North America?
What is one of the main reasons that most people live within the middle latitudes?
Define “Landlocked” and describe how it can negatively impact a country’s economy
Give 4 examples of how humans negatively impact the environment:
What is “sea level”?
Describe the The Greenhouse Effect:
Give several examples of weathering.
Which two things best explain why we experience four seasons on Earth?
Which three main physical features have affected the history of many regions by isolating peoples and
What do scientists think is the main cause of global warming and the climate change associated with it?
How does a coastal mountain range impact precipitation? Explain thoroughly! (think Rain Shadow Effect)
How can the presence of mountain ranges lead to natural disasters such as hurricanes?
Countries located on the equator can expect what type of climate and vegetation?
Areas with rich vegetative growth that receive between 68 to 78 inches of rain are usually known as
How do Oceans and water current influence climate zones???
Describe how altitude/elevation has an impact on the types of crops grown in an area.
What is caused by the rapid evaporation of warm ocean water late in the summer?
What is the most frequent cause of major earthquakes?
Which 2 main processes shaped the Grand Canyon?
Define and illustrate Water Shed:
List 2 negative impacts of floods:
What types of human activity might increase the amount or the height of floods?
The processes on the earth are driven by heat energy _____________ the Earth and _________ the Sun.
Million’s of years ago, Earth’s continents formed one giant landmass called ________________.
List 3 forces that create the ocean currents?
List 5 Factors that Influence Climate
List a minimum of 3 fields that use geographic information systems.
List some ways in which deforestation is linked to economic development,
population growth, and environmental change in rain forests around the world?
How do cartographers use geographic information systems to create maps?
What do Geographic Information Systems need in order to create digital maps?
List 3 ways geographic information systems can be used.
How do you think that GIS technology and GPS equipment could be used to improve access to clean
drinking water???
List 3 different geographic questions that could be answered using geographic information systems
Know the location and layers of the Earth.
Know the definition, occurrences and reasons behind Plate Movements
Know the different types of erosion & be able to list one feature created by each of the different types of
Be able to identify major types of landforms and bodies of water.
How are the planets categorized and why?
What asteroids are and where are they found?
Between which major latitude bands can the high latitudes be found?
Which climate regions have the widest temperature range?
What temperature is and how does it affect earth?
What happens as you go higher into the atmosphere?
What is the purpose of the atmosphere?
What happens because of the earth’s tilt?
Give some examples of places with a tropical climate.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Maps?
of Globes?
How do you properly write Absolute Location?
Which do you always read first - Longitude and Latitude lines?
How can geography be used?
Purpose and Function of the Water Cycle and what does it maintain?
How can statistical data be used?
How can geographers use history?
What percentage of land and water are there on the earth’s surface?
What percent of earth’s water is salt water?
What percent?
What is the highest point on earth’s surface?
What is groundwater and where does it comes from?
What is lowest point on earth’s surface?