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World Geography Quarter 1 Review
1. Find the (latitude and longitude) coordinates of Mckinney, Texas and
London, England on a map( not your phone).
2. Give 3 examples of relative location.
3. List the 8 factors of climate.
4. Where are deciduous forests located?
5. Permafrost is located where?
6. Where continent has the largest rain forest?
7. Describe the vegetation of the rain forest in detail.
8. Where is the Sahara desert? List 3 aspects of the desert.
9. List 3 forces of internal change.
10. What happens on the leeward side of a mountain range?
11. The Andes Mountains and Amazon River can both be found in what
12. Dams, canals, and man-made lakes are all examples of what geographic
13. What are the parallel lines that run north and south and are separated by the
Prime Meridian?
14. How can mountain barriers affect precipitation? (Which side of the
mountain will get heavier rains?)
15. What geographic themes refer to the flow of goods and ideas from one place
to another?
16. Clearing out land for the development of real estate is an example of what
geographic theme?
17. What is a biome? Give an example
18. What might push somebody into moving from one place to another?
19. What type of jobs would someone in a secondary economic activity have?
List 3.
20. Define and explain the difference between culture and counterculture.
21. Define Democracy.
22. What is the difference between a command economy and a mixed economy?
23. What does a population pyramid tell you?
24. What are necessities for people to live in relation to natural physical
25. What is cultural convergence?
26. What is the difference between a mixed economy and Free enterprise
27. How much is the government involved in a capitalistic economy and what
does it provide?
28. What will happen over time if renewable resources are not conserved? Be
able to explain.
29. What is primary economic activity?
30. What is GDP and what does this number refer to?
31. What are push and pull factors? Why are they important?
32. What are the characteristics of a dictatorship?
33. What is a traditional economy and how is this type of economy continued?
34. What are the characteristics of subsistence farming?
35. How does industrialization impact economic activities?
36. What job might people hold in a region that is dominated by subsistent
37. What is one major goal of a country with a command economy/Communist
38. Countries with a true Free Market economy believe what about government
39. Mexico _______________________ (Has, Does Not Have) one of the most developed
economies in Latin America.
40. Explain Push and Pull Factors.
41. Do more developed countries have higher or lower birthrates than lower