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2006 World History
Ancient India and China Review Sheet
Test: Friday, October 2nd, 2009 - 50 points
Ancient India:
Places to know: be able to locate these places or civilizations on a map
 Ganges River
 Indus River
 Arabian Sea
 Bay of Bengal
 Himalayas
 Karakoram Mountains
 Hindu Kush
 Mohenjo-Daro
 Harappa
 Indus Valley Civilization
 Mauryan Empire
 Gupta Empire
 Tamil Kingdoms
People and Empires to know:
 Mauryan Empire
 Chaundragupta
 Asoka
 Tamil People
 Gupta Empire
 Brahmins
 Sanskrit
Topics to know:
 Describe life in the Indus River Valley. Specifically the citadels, technology, and culture.
 Upanishads
 Mahabharata
 Ramayana
 Aryan Caste System
 Where did the Aryans come from when they arrived in India?
 How did the Aryan invaders change India?
 What is Hinduism?
 Reincarnation
 Dharma
 Karma
 List and describe the basic Hindu religious practices.
 How has Hinduism influenced the social structure in India?
 What is Buddhism?
 Nirvana
 Siddhartha Gautama
 Enlightenment
 What was Siddhartha Gautama looking for and how did he find it?
 How did Buddhism spread?
 Define and describe the Four Nobel Truths.
 Explain the Eight Fold Path.
Architecture, Arts, Technology, and Inventions to know:
 Plumbing in Mohenjo-Daro
 Achievements in Indian Culture
Ancient China:
Places to know: be able to locate these places on a map
2006 World History
Huang He River
Yangtze River
Yellow Sea
Gobi Desert
The Great Wall of China
Dynasties to know:
 Xia
 Shang
 Zhou
 Qin/Chin
 Han
 Sui
 Tang
 Song
People to know:
 Confucius
 Laozi
 Shi Huangdi
Topics to know:
 Chinese Geography – What is significant about it? How would you describe it in one word?
 What is the #1 challenge of China’s geography?
 Who led the family during the Shang dynasty?
 What was religion based on during the Shang dynasty?
 What are oracle bones?
 What are Chinese characters based on? What are both advantages and disadvantages of the Chinese writing system?
 What is the Mandate of Heaven? How could it be gained or lost?
 Describe the dynastic cycle including: founding, prosperity, decline, & rebellion.
 Define feudalism and discuss how it was used during the Zhou dynasty.
 What is Confucianism? What are the five relationships emphasized? What was stressed? What should be the basis of
government? Which leaders followed Confucian ideas?
 Describe Daoism.
 Discuss the philosophy of legalism. What were the primary beliefs of this philosophy? Which leaders followed legalist
 What is the I Ching?
 What do the yin and the yang represent?
 How did Shi Huangdi: defeat enemies outside China? … eliminate enemies from within China? … silence critics of his
ideas? … standardize life in China?
 Why did the Qin dynasty fall? Be specific!
 What are civil service exams and how were they used during the Han dynasty?
 Why did the Han dynasty fall? Be specific!
 How did the population change during the Tang and Song dynasties?
 How did sea travel change during the Tang and Song dynasties?
 How did social classes change during the Tang and Song dynasties?
Architecture, Arts, Technology, and Inventions to know:
 Bronze working
Grand Canal
 Silk
 Coin Money
Silk Road
 Iron
Paper Money
 Great Wall of China
 Terra Cotta Army
 Magnetic Compass
2006 World History