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Social/Behavioral Sciences
ECO 110
ECO 115
ECO 120
ECO 201-202
ECO 210
ECO 245
GEO 200
GEO 210
GEO 220
GEO 230
HIS 101-102
HIS 111-112
HIS 121-122
HIS 125
HIS 126
HIS 127
HIS 135
HIS 141-142
HIS 187
HIS 203
HIS 211
HIS 225-226
HIS 231-232
HIS 241-242
HIS 243
HIS 251-252
HIS 253-254**
HIS 255
HIS 256
HIS 261
HIS 262
SSC 115
Consumer Economics
Understanding Our Environment: An Economic
Survey of Economics
Principles of Macro and Micro Economics
International Economics
Contemporary Economic Issues
Introduction to Physical Geography
Introduction to Cultural Geography
World Regional Geography
Political Geography
History of Western Civilization
History of World Civilization
United States History I-II
History of the American Indian
Women in World History
Women in American History
History of the Contemporary World
Afro-American History I-II
Interpreting Material Culture
History of African Civilization
History of England
Topics in European History
History of Latin American Civilizations I-II
History of Russia I-II
History of the Ancient World
History of Middle East Civilization I-II
History of Asian Civilizations
History of Chinese Culture and Institutions
History of Japanese Culture and Institutions
Topics in Cultural Ethnicity
United States History in Film
All courses
All courses
All courses
Introduction to Global Affairs
**Additional HIS courses may be approved by the faculty advisor.