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Honors English I
Greek Mythology
Application Assignment
Objectives: to apply archetypal characteristics to modern day perspectives; to research
ancient civilization from a literary angle; to present a rendition of the stories discovered
through research in the oral tradition of the storyteller; to write a correctly formatted short
story with dialogue
Process #1:
1. Research the stories of four characters from Greek mythology, one of whom must
be part human (monster or hero).
2. Commit the stories to memory and develop a presentation of each in the oral
tradition of the storyteller. The story you select to tell must not exceed three
Process #2:
1. Use the characters you've researched to create an original, modern-day story
based on a theme related to self-sacrifice.
2. Write an original short story in which the characters interact in solving a presentday crisis or embarking on a modern quest.
A. The adapted characters must display the archetypal characteristics
of their mythological counterparts within the realm of reality (NO super
B. The story must have a believable beginning, middle, and end.
C. There must be at least two conversations in the story.
D. There must be an appendix attached which explains the ways in which the
adapted characters displayed archetypal characteristic.
E. Find a quotation that addresses the theme. Place it under the title on the title
1. Four – Six double-spaced, typed pages
2. Proper formatting and punctuation
3. Title page
4. Appendix
Evaluation Criteria:
1. Six Traits Rubric
2. Requirements Followed
3. Appendix Credibility
30 points (including presentation of traditional myth)
10 points
10 points