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Mythological monologues
English 12 Honors
The two most referenced sources in all of literature are the Bible and mythology. Students will
often have a basic foundation in Biblical references from their personal religious upbringing, but
many students have little to no knowledge of the mythological characters and events that are
referred to in classic and contemporary literature (and even modern media and advertising).
Well, we’re going to start to change all that! Over the course of the next week (+/-), you will be
researching a persona from Greek mythology and preparing a presentation on that character.
The steps:
1. Draw the identity of a persona from Greek mythology from the cup.
2. Research your character and prepare a 4- to 6- minute presentation of introduction:
 Name(s)
 Power(s)
 What s/he is known for
 A symbol of your character
 Whom s/he is allied with and enemies with
 Significant character traits
 1-2 anecdotal stories involving your character
 A complete story that illustrates the “essence” of the character
 Example(s) of how/where your character is still “alive” in modern times
3. Prepare a typed manuscript (double-spaced) of your presentation, WRITTEN IN THE
FIRST PERSON, along with a correctly-formatted bibliography page.
4. PRACTICE delivery of your monologue—you may use your typed manuscript or note
cards for your presentation in class.
5. Prepare a prop you will use in your presentation (the symbol, something illustrating one
of your stories, etc)
6. Provide Mrs. Anderson with a digital/electronic image to be used as your backdrop
during your presentation (the Parthenon, Greek coliseum, your character, a
scene/setting, etc)
7. Contribute basic facts about your person to a class wiki, which may be used for a class
study guide.
8. Turn in a copy of your manuscript and your bibliography prior to your presentation
9. On your presentation day, come to class in character and introduce yourself!
The total project will be worth approximately 125 points. A rubric will be provided. There will be
insufficient time to complete all parts of this project in class; you WILL need to spend time on
this project outside of class.