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Greek Mythology Project
Due Date: Thursday, January 15th
Rationale: The purpose of this assignment is for you to find an aspect of Greek mythology that interests you
and create a presentation that creatively offers up the information you discovered. You will have a basic project
rubric, but much of the project depends on your effort and willingness to learn new information. Try to find new
information and to present it in a new way…something different than your literature packets.
Directions: You will research one aspect of Greek mythology at school and at home. You may use books,
magazines, encyclopedias, or the Internet. You will be required to provide a list of sources, so keep up with
them. After you have compiled research on this topic, you will make a creative display of this information. We
will reserve the library for two days in order to present this information to each other.
Possible Topics:
Greek gods and goddesses (pick a group or just one in detail)
The Olympians
The History of the Titans
Specific Greek Myths (Heracles, Theseus, the Golden Fleece, etc.)
Greek architecture/buildings
Mount Olympus/The Gods’ Thrones
Possible Creative Displays:
Microsoft Publisher brochures
Posters and tri-fold boards/brochures
Information cards
Scenarios/readers’ theatres
Online Resources (I will also post these on the blog so you can directly link to them):
The rubric will be given to you later this week. However, as you begin to work, think about the following
*What information are you learning?
*If you had to write an essay about your learning, could you do it without looking at your notes?
*Are you displaying your information in a new, creative way?
*Are you keeping up with your resources (try to use at least three)?
*Would someone else be interested in viewing your information?