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Writing a Report
Anatomy of a report
• Title page
Title, Name, Student #, Date
• Introduction
What were you trying to do in this
lab/assignment/project and why
• Body
• Conclusion
• Appendices
• References
Body – Results
Nullius in verba
• Results need to be discussed as well
as presented!
• Description of observations should be
precise and specific.
Proper use of the Conclusion
What is the purpose of the conclusion?
• What have you learned from this exercise?
• What insights can you offer?
Abusing appendices
What is an appendix?
• Supplementary/additional/supporting matter at the
end of the book or document
What should not go in the appendix?
• Results you are discussing in your report
What should go in the appendix?
• Information that is not necessary for illustrating your
argument, but might be helpful
Using references
• Everything that is not your data, your opinion or
common knowledge needs to be referenced!
• IEEE Reference format is used in the field of
Electrical Engineering
Tips and Hints
• Get a friend who is not taking the same class to
read your report and give you feedback
• Do not leave writing the report till last minute so
you can ask your TA or Professor for help
• Student Academic Success Center runs a Writing
Tutorial Service (