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Over the Centuries
Revolt Against Rome
Zealots- Most rebellious of the Jews
 Believed they didn’t have to answer to
anyone but God.
 Refused to obey Roman officials
 AD 66- The Jews, led by the Zealots, revolted
 Jews’ revolt was
Revolt Against Rome
Revolt lasted 4 years
 Caused terrible damage
 Jerusalem lay in ruins
 Romans burned the Jews second
temple during the last days of fighting
Revolt Against
After the temple was destroyed
most Jews lost their will to fight
and gave up
But 1,000 Zealots refused to
give up.
They locked themselves in a
mountain fortress called
Roman rulers were furious and
sent 15,000 soldiers to capture
Revolt Against Rome
It took the Romans two years to reach
the Zealots
 Once the Romans reached the fortress,
the Zealots killed themselves instead of
becoming Roman slaves
Results of the Revolt
Romans killed much of Jerusalem’s
 Took many of the survivors as slaves
 Romans took over Jerusalem
 Many Jews left and resettled in Egypt
and other Jewish communities in the
Roman empire
A Second Revolt
60 years later, the Jews tried another revolt
The Roman army defeated the Jews
Romans banned all Jews from living in
All Jews caught living there would be killed
Jewish migration increased
Traditions and Holy Days
Hanukkah- a holiday that celebrates the
rededication of the second temple
during the revolt of the Maccabees
 The Maccabees wanted to celebrate
their great victory
 According to legend they did not have
enough oil to perform the rededication
Miraculously the oil the had, enough to only
last 1 day burned for 8 full days!
Today Jews light candles in a special candle
holder called a menorah
The 8 branched represent the 8 days the oil
Most Jews exchange gifts each night of
Celebrated in December
More important than Hanukkah
 A time to remember the exodus
 Celebrated in March or April
 Only bread is eaten during Passover
Who won the battle at Masada?
 What happened to the Zealots?
 After the Jews were defeated a seconf
time by the Romans, what happened to
 What does Hanukkah celebrate?
 What event does Passover celebrate?