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Chelsea Gosey & Sheweat Kubrom
1st period
Computer technology
What are the necessary skills to
be a Registered Nurse?
• Nurses must graduate from an approved nursing program
• Pass a licensing examination in order to obtain a nursing
• They must be caring, sympathetic, responsible, and detail
What are Registered Nurses job
Record patients’ medical histories and symptoms
Perform diagnostic tests and analyze results
Operate medical machinery
Administer treatment and medications
Help with patient follow-up and rehabilitation.
What are some examples of nursing
employers outside of hospitals?
Private practices
Short stay surgery centers
Rehab facilities
Home care settings
How much do Registered
Nurses Make?
• Hourly rate :
$20.98 to $29.55
• Yearly: 45,142 to 58,727
• Bonus :
$300 to $2,000 (20% report receiving)
Where did you get the
information from?