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Nurses utilisation of evidence to
inform practice
2 projects sponsored by the Ministry of Health trying to improve nurses
access to and use of evidence to support their practice
North Island (Waikato): Fund access for all nurses working in pilot DHB
regions to a recognised clinical procedure database – Lippincott Nursing
South Island: NZ Institute of Community Health Care is managing the
project for CDHB.
Project Team:
• Chris Hendry (NZICHC)
• Heather Gray (CDHB)
• Kathy Peri (CDHB)
• Sheree East (Nurse Maude)
NZICHC Project Nurse Karen Betony
SI Project summary
Development of a ‘one stop shop’ website is largely complete
and ready for launching. The website:
 directs staff to high quality, reputable web resources which
can be accessed anywhere, by anyone, at any time
 educates staff on how to efficiently search the internet and
identify quality resources
 enables nurses to share resources
Survey of current access to,
and use of internet
• Main sources of information- free access websites and through discussion
with colleagues
• Most commonly looked for- specific condition and condition management
and treatment information
• Lack of subscription to evidence based resources and hard copy journals a
• Internet used at home and work equally , computer access at work
identified as a barrier at times
Still in development
An area of the site which will require registration, exploring a
link to Nursing Council APC register.
This area aims to:
allow access to evidence based subscription site
provide a central point for policies and procedures
Nurses can currently:
make content suggestions
highlight new articles
The session material has been developed by Karen
Betony, Project Nurse for the ‘Nurses Utilisation of
Evidence’ project and very kindly delivered by staff
based in the South Island DHB regions.
Their input and support throughout the project is
greatly appreciated.