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Grammar rules???
• wuts the point?
• i mean. she thot inglish was stoopid and she
turned out
Think about this…
• How do people communicate when they are
face to face?
Here are some ways…
1. words
2. tone of voice
3. facial expressions
4. body language
5. according to
Simply put…
• We need punctuation to imitate or reflect how
we speak to each other, and to make it easier
to understand
• E.g.
Other examples?
• How might someone express a “?” while
• A comma or period?
• An exclamation mark?
…you get it yet?
Here’s a helpful writing tip for the
• The best way to check your punctuation is to
read your writing aloud. Wherever you
pause, or whenever you raise or lower
your voice you need a punctuation mark.
• And Grammar?
• Let’s start with a couple hyperbolic examples,
shall we?
Extreme Examples:
• 1. Him like mikdonals foods sow much. That
why him fats.
• 2. Us will goed on a trips to Spayn!
• 3. dogs is mine favoritest animals to plays wif.
Lets try again, shall we?
• 1. He likes McDonalds food too much. That is
why he is fat.
• 2. We will go on a trip to Spain.
• 3. Dogs are my favorite animal to play with.
• What’s the difference?
Here’s the point…
• Grammar, regardless of the country or the language, is a
fundamental principle for written communication -- the
better the grammar, the clearer the message and its
intended meaning. Not only that, but the way you write
is a mirror of how clear (or messy) your thoughts are.
That’s a big reason why we learn to edit and revise our
papers… to make our thoughts as clear, logical, and
understandable to other people as possible. And that is
what communication is all about.