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And the
Map to Success
•What Communication
•How we Communicate
•The Parts of
•Where is
Communication seen
•How communication
relates to a team
•How Communication
relates to a leader
What is Communication?
Communication is the act of
accurately sending a message, and
having another person correctly
receive the message that was sent.
How Do We Communicate?
 What do you think?
 Verbal Communication
 Non-Verbal Communication
Verbal Communication
 Ways that we communicate verbally
 Voice
 Pitch
 Tone
 Speed/Pace
 Volume
Non-Verbal Communication
 Ways to communicate physically
 Hand Gestures
 Eye Contact
 Body Language
 Posture
 Facial Expressions
Snake Pit Conversation!
We need 3
Parts of Communication
Active Listening
Clear Speaking
 Shows that you care about the
 Speaking without stoppers,
conversation, and that you
are paying attention
 Ask questions pertaining to
the conversation
 Be able to empathize with
the speaker
actively engage in conversation,
and expressing your thoughts
 Stoppers
 1. Judging
2. Blaming
3. Criticizing
4. Threatening
5. Name Calling
6. Preaching
7. Ordering
8. Shaming
9. Psychoanalyzing
10. Instructing
Where have you seen
Communication in Action?
 Examples: School, CDE teams, family,
 Why is Communication seen in these
 For you, were these experiences good or
 Why?
How is communication Important
to a team?
 Avoids miscommunication
 Solves problems
 Builds Honesty
 Encourages
 Each members input is
How is Communication important
to a leader?
 Builds trust
 Builds respect
 Helps accomplish and guide
 Inspires team mates
 Allows all input to be heard
 Keeps peace amongst the team
Draw a Bug Activity!
 A sheet of paper
 A pencil
 Great listening skills
 Imaginations!
Out of the temple….
•Communication uses
both physical and vocal
means- Its not what you
say its how you say it
•Good communication is
being able to send a
message, but also to
actively listen
•Communication is
VITAL to a team, and to
you as a leader
•So pass on your torch of
communication, spread
the word!