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Ancient China
Section 2
Zhou Dynasty
 Lasted
longer than any other dynasty
in Chinese history: 1100BC
 Kings
claimed Mandate of Heaven
 Established
a new political order
 Granted land for loyalty and support
Decline of Power
 481
BC entered the Warring States
 Civil wars
 China
lacked a strong government to
stop the power struggles within the
ruling-class families.
 Society
fell into a period of disorder
What you do not want
done to yourself, do
not do to others
The superior man is
modest in his speech,
but exceeds in his
Everything has beauty,
but not everyone sees
Our greatest glory is not
in never falling, but in
getting up every time we
I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.
 The
most influential teacher in Chinese
 Believed
to ethics
that China needed to return
Guidelines for Family
 Fathers
should display high moral
values to inspire their families
 Children
should respect and obey their
 All
family members should be loyal to
each other
Ideas About Government
 Moral
leadership, not laws, brought
order to China
 A king
should lead by example, inspiring
good behavior in all of his subjects
 The
lower classes would learn by
following the example of their superiors.
Confucius’ Respected
 Earned
the reputation of a respected
 Ideas passed down through his students
 Is
both philosophical and religious
 Ideas
about virtue, kindness, learning
became the dominant beliefs in China