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FOA- Monday, February 9, 2015
1.) Who were the 6th and 7th Presidents?
2.)What was the Spoils System?
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Monday’s Answers
1). John Qunicy Adams was the 6th president,
and Andrew Jackson was the 7th president.
2) The Spoils System was a practice of rewarding
(giving) government jobs to political supporters
and replacing government employees with
supporters of the winner of the election.
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
1) How did Andrew Jackson feel about the
native Americans.
2) What was the political party that emerged in
the 1830’s?
Tuesday’s Answers
1) Andrew Jackson felt that the Native Americans were
hostile and a potential threat. He thought they
should all move West of the Mississippi River.
2) The political party that emerged in the 1830’s
were The Whigs, which included former
National Republicans and other anti-Jackson
Wednesday, February 11, 2015
1) What was Jacksonian Democracy?
2) What was the corrupt bargain?
Wednesday’s Answers
• 1.) Jacksonian Democracy was the idea of
widening political power to more of the
• 2.) The “corrupt bargain’ was what Jackson
called the House of Representatives’ vote to
elect John Q Adams as president.
Thursday, February 12, 2015
• 1.)How did President Andrew Jackson feel about the
Bank of the United States?
• 2.)What was the Force Bill?
• 3.) What Native American Tribe was forced to walk to
Trail of Tears? What was the only tribe to successfully
• 4.) What was the reason behind keeping slave and
free states equal in the Missouri Compromise?
Thursday’s Answers
• 1.) Andrew Jackson felt that National Bank
was favored wealthy people.
• 2.) The Force Bill allows the president to use
the United States military to enforce federal
• 3.) The Cherokee traveled on the Trail of Tears.
The Seminoles were the Native American Tribe
that resisted.
• 4.)The Missouri Compromise kept slave and
free states equal to keep the balance in the
Friday, February 13, 2015
• 1) What was the central issue of the 1832
• Study for your Benchmark!
Friday’s Answer
• The central issue of the 1832 election was that
Henry Clay and Daniel Webster hoped that
when Andrew Jackson vetoes the proposed
charter for the Bank of the United States, it
would lessen his popular vote. It did the exact