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VOCAB QUIZ (daily grade)
1. Ben Franklin
(a) Was a symbol of colonial social mobility
(b) Failed in his mission to stop the War of 1812
(c) Was an American diplomat to Russia
(d) Lead the colonial army to victory against the British
2. Common Sense
(a) Was a play featuring the life of Andrew Jackson
(b) Was part of the natural rights of man by Locke
(c) Was a series of pamplets supporting the Constitution
(d) Was a series of essays advocating independence from England
3. The Monroe Doctrine
(a) Supporting the idea of Europe coming to aid countries in the West
(b) Was an extension of the Half-Way Covenant
(c) Closed the Americas to European interference
(d) Disagreed with Jackson’s Cherokee policies
4. Abolitionists
(a) Supported nullification
(b) Were sectionalists
(c) Wanted to end slavery
(d) Believed in the ideas of the NW Ordinance
5. Nat Turner
(a) Supported Andrew Jackson in the Seminole raids
(b) Lead a rebellion against slave owners
(c) Helped in acquiring Lousiana from Napoleon
(d) None of the above
6. Mercantilism
(a) Was an economic theory
(b) Was a political theory
(c) Was a communist theory
(d) Is a synonym for sectionalism
7. Roads, canals and railroads are an example of
(a) The American System
(b) Economic warfare
(c) Westward migration
(d) Abolitionism
8. Examples of abolitionism are
(a) Jackson, Jefferson
(b) Washington, Franklin
(c) Grimkes, Douglass
(d) Whitney, Powhatan
9. The Seneca Falls Convention
(a) Worked for American independence
(b) Worked against the Sons of Liberty
(c) Worked for women’s suffrage
(d) Helped build the Erie Canal
10. A tariff
(a) Lowers prices on American goods
(b) Protects American businesses from foreign competition
(c) Is against the law
(d) Was developed as part of salutary neglect