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The Age of Jackson Learning Guide, 1820-1840
(Chapter 10)
Explain factors that contributed to the rise of democracy in the 1820s and 1830s.
Evaluate the main political and economic issues brought forth in the 1824 and 1828
elections and explain the outcomes of those presidential elections.
Analyze the political characteristics and personality traits that contributed to Jackson's
image as a "man of the people."
Summarize the problems encountered under Jackson's Indian removal policy.
Contrast the arguments put forth by the states' rights and the unionists regarding the
nullification crisis.
Evaluate arguments made by Jackson and his followers in their attack against the Bank of
the United States.
Evaluate the causes of the Depression of 1837 and Van Buren's attempts to correct the
financial disorder.
Compare and contrast the ideologies and objectives of the Whigs and Democrats and
identify the socioeconomic groups from which they drew their support.
Democratic Party
Whig Party
John C Calhoun
Nicholas Biddle
Martin Van Buren
Alexis de Tocqueville
Nullification crisis, 1832
Panic of 1837
Trail of Tears
Documents/Government actions
Tariff of 1828
Indian Removal Act, 1830
Worcester v. Georgia
Band re-charter veto, 1832
Corrupt bargain
Spoils system
Independent Treasury System, 1840