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History of the United States (1776–89) wikipedia, lookup

Ch 9.1 – What domestic policy steps did
the leaders of the new Republic take to
make the government work?
Paintings of George Washington’s presidential inauguration April 30, 1789 in New York City
A. George Washington – President #1
1) Elected in 1789
2) Inaugurated in April
1789 in New York City
3) Experience:
• Was commander-inchief of Continental
Army during American
Rev. (1775-1783)
• President of
Convention (1787-1788)
I do solemnly swear
That I will faithfully execute
The Office Of President of the United
And will, to the best of my ability,
Preserve, protect, and defend
The Constitution of the United States.
B. G-Wash’s Precedents
Only 2
1) Established a Cabinet
Experts that gave advice and helped their
departments enforce the nation’s laws
2) Supported neutrality
The US should remain independent from
disputes between other nations.
3) Served only 2 terms as president (8 yrs.)
No limit until 22th Amendment (1951)
C. Domestic Policy During
G-Wash’s Presidency - Part 1
1) Build a national economy ($$$)
 A. Hamilton – Secretary of
What nation wanted
Federal govt pays off
debts of states from the
American Revolution
How to get it
1. Whiskey Tax
2. Protective tariff
3. Set up a national
D. GW’s Domestic Policy - Part 2
Supporters of Financial
Plan (Yes!)
A. Hamilton, J. Adams
Supporters were northern
businessmen and
Thought a strong bank led
by the federal gov’t was
necessary for the US
Called their supporters
2. Opponents of Financial
Plan (No!)
 T. Jefferson, James Madison
 Feared the plan would only
help wealthy citizens
 Feared the plan would hurt
southern and western
farmers and tradesmen
 Feared the federal gov’t
would become too powerful
 Called their supporters
E. GW’s Domestic Policy – Part 3
Tax on whiskey (liquor) added to raise money
It upset wheat farmers who made whiskey
Farmers in PA rebelled like in Shays’ Rebellion
Washington sends federal troops to end it
This showed that the Executive could enforce the law
5) The Whiskey Rebellion
showed that the federal
government worked while
following the law of the
F. 9.1 Exit Ticket – write whole Q & A
1. Which of the following precedents did President Washington set
at the beginning of his first term?
A He decided to move the nation’s capital to Washington, D.C.
B He established the Supreme Court.
C He named well-known, talented leaders to head government
D He asked the government to repay federal and state debts.
2. Which statement BEST describes a major result of the Whiskey
A The new government halted the production of whiskey.
B People realized that the new government would execute violent
C The new government proved too weak to respond in times of crisis.
D People realized that the new government would not tolerate violent
Ch 9.2 – What foreign policy steps
did the leaders of the new Republic
take to protect national security?
A. G-Wash’s Foreign Policy Part 1
1) In 1789, a revolution broke out in France
Citizens wanted to overthrow an unfair king
2) Two Different American political ideas
about the French Revolution:
Dem.-Reps. = American constitutional principles
were spreading and popular (They supported it!)
T. Jefferson really supported the Fr. Rev.!
Federalists = Violence was evidence of the
dangers of “mob rule” (They rejected it as chaos!)
3) In 1793, French rebels asked for help as they
entered a war with England (Britain)
B. G-Wash’s Foreign Policy Part 2
1) In response, GW announced the
Neutrality Proclamation in 1793.
 America would not take sides during a
war between Britain and France. (Film)
2) Washington’s Farewell
Address 1796 (and Advice)
• Domestic – avoid political parties
• They disrupt political unity
• Foreign – avoid military alliances
with other countries
• Foreign trade is important
C. The Impact of G-Wash’s Advice
1) It set American foreign policy on an independent
course away from European conflict
GW’s Advice
Avoid foreign military
alliances with European
US Foreign Policy
US stayed away from
European issues and
focused on the western
hemisphere for
next 150 years
D. 9.2 Exit Ticket – write whole Q & A
3. All of the following were reasons America wanted to
support the French Revolution EXCEPT –
A Citizens were rising up against a corrupt king
B France had given the United States support against the British
C The revolution’s leaders turned increasingly violent
D France was the United State’s first ally
4. Which statement BEST expresses President Washington’s
beliefs about foreign policy?
A The United States should use force when aiding allies in
international disputes.
B The United States should support permanent alliances with
other nations.
C The United States should take a more active role in
international affairs.
D The United States should remain independent from disputes
between other nations.
Ch 9.3 – How did political
parties get started?
A. Political Parties Emerge (Appear)
Why? – American citizens disagreed about
how the new country should be run
How? – Political parties are formed when
a. Citizens have similar beliefs
b. Citizens want to make sure the gov’t
works according to those beliefs
Who? – Citizens will support candidates
for a position in the government if they
feel that candidate shares their beliefs
B. How did the first 2 parties develop?
1. In the 1790’s T. Jefferson and J. Madison disagreed with the
way Alexander Hamilton was running the nation’s economy.
2. T. Jeff. and J. Mad. formed a party called the “DemocraticRepublicans.”
3. Alexander Hamilton formed a party called the “Federalists.”
4. 1796 was the first election contested between political
parties - John Adams (F) vs. Thomas Jefferson (DR)
Who Won more
Where was JA
Where was TJ
5. John Adams (F) won and
became the 2nd president.
C. 9.3 Exit Ticket – write whole Q & A
5. What did many people fear would happen if political parties
formed in the United States?
A G. Washington would have too much control over the nation
B Political divisions would threaten national unity.
C Party leaders would abolish states’ rights.
D Factions would seek to reunite the nation with Britain.
6. How did parties disagree about the issue of gov’t power?
A The Fs wanted to make sure the state govts were strong
B The D-Rs believed that both the state govts and the national
govt should be strong
C The Fs believed that both the state and national governments
should be weak.
D The D-Rs wanted to make sure that the national government
did not have too much power
CH 9.4 - What lessons can be learned
from the second presidency?
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
A. Crisis with France in 1796!
1. France did not like US
foreign policy towards
Britain and believed the
two were military allies
2. France began to capture
American merchant ships
and arrested the sailors
3. France demanded bribes to 4. Adams refused, but
avoid war with America.
strengthened US military,
5. The “bribe” became a
political scandal called the
XYZ Affair.
just in case of war
6. Many Federalists disagreed
with Adams, which split the
Federalist party’s supporters
B. Adams and States’ Rights
1. Citizens who supported 2. 1798 – Congress passed
France began to speak
the Alien and Sedition
out against President
Acts, making it illegal to
Adams & the Federalists
protest the gov’t.
3. T. Jeff and the Dem4. T. Jeff. worked against
Republicans claimed this Adams and asked the states
violated peoples basic rights to nullify the federal law.
5. States passed the VA and 6. Adams became very
KY Resolutions, eliminating unpopular & T. Jeff.
the Alien and Sedition Acts. defeated him in the 1800
presidential election
C. 9.4 Exit Ticket – write whole Q & A
7. Which of the following resulted from the disagreement
between President Adams and Hamilton about whether the
United States should go to war?
A The Republican Party spilt
B The Federalist Party split
C The Republican Party stopped supporting France
D The Federalist Party began supporting France
8. The Alien and Sedition Acts raised all of the following
issues EXCEPT?
A federalism
B states’ rights
C right to a fair trial
D individual rights