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China Open Door Policy
By: Tyler and Chris
Period 3, US History 2
US Involvement
• The Philippines opened the gateway to Asia.
• Large potential market for American products in
• China was weak. (Fall of the Qing Dynasty.)
• United States feared losing access to Chinese
• One motive of the United States, was to
maintain trade with China.
The Open Door Notes
• John Hay, the Secretary of State, wrote the
Open Door Notes.
• Sent to England, Germany, France, Italy,
Japan, and Russia.
• Calls for open access to Chinese ports,
eliminates special privileges for trading
nations, and maintains Chinese
• The European Nations accepted the proposal.
• The Boxer Rebellion
– The Boxers (a secret Chinese society) launched a
revolt against foreigners in China.
– Hundreds of missionaries and converted Christians
were killed in the Rebellion.
– The European and American troops put down the
Boxer Rebellion.
The Second Series of the
Open Door Notes
• Also written by John Hay.
• “Safeguard for the world the principle
of equal and impartial trade with all
parts of the Chinese Empire.”
• Policy paved the way for a larger
American influence in Asia.
Were their Actions Justified?
• Yes, because …
- Everyone maintained equal trade within
- China maintained independence.
- It kept nations from going to war.
Final Result
• The United States got to keep their
open access to ports in China.
• Prevents Imperial Powers from
dividing up China.
• England and Germany had to basically
clean up the mess from the Boxer
• Larger western influence upon Asia.
Mafia Don or Superman?
• The China Open Door Policy was an
example of the United States as a Mafia
• The United States wanted trade in return.
Were their Actions Beneficial?
• Their actions were beneficial to the region,
because everyone maintained equal trade.
• It helped with Chinese Independence.
• Made China become more influenced with
the economic market.
Map of where China is in Relation
to the US