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Heart Unit
Mr. Biggs’ Fifth Grade
Lowell Elementary
Vessels of the Circulatory System
• Arteries carry blood
away from the heart.
• Capillaries are the
smallest blood vessels and
are the sites where food,
oxygen, and carbon
dioxide enter and leave the
• Veins carry blood back
to the heart.
Structure of an Artery
How Does Diet Help Heart Health
How can diet contribute to problems of
the heart and circulatory system?
A diet high in fat and
cholesterol can lead
to the buildup of fatty
deposits in arteries.
These deposits can
impede and even
block entirely the flow
of blood, possibly
causing a stroke or
heart attack.
Play the
How Does Exercise Affect the Heart?
Why is exercise good for the heart?
The heart is a muscle; it can be made
stronger with exercise.
A strong heart can pump more blood
with each beat; this allows it to rest
longer between beats.
Play the
Blood is made of…
Watch Movie – 1:38
Over half of blood consists of plasma,
a liquid composed mostly of water.
Plasma also contains food, chemicals,
and wastes.
Blood also consists of cells and cell parts,
including red
blood cells,
white blood cells, and
Blood’s Journey Through the Body
• The heart consists of two
The right pump collects blood
from the body and sends it to the
lungs. The left pump collects
blood from the lungs and sends it
to the body.
• Each pump has two chambers:
the atrium and the ventricle.
•The atria receive blood.
•The ventricles pump blood.