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Your circulatory system a
system that carries your blood
your body.
Your system is basically made
up of your veins,
arteries, capillaries, and your
heart. Of course, your
blood has red/white blood
cells platelets, and plasma.
Your heart is one of the most
important organ. As you know, your
heart pumps your blood for you.
This is why it plays a important role
in the circulatory system.
Your arteries are the biggest blood
They carry blood with oxygen away
from your heart. They are also the
reddish lines a
that you see in
drawings or diagrams.
Your capillaries are your smallest
blood vessels. Only one blood cell
can fit in the opening at a time. Your
veins are the second largest blood
vessel. They are the blue lines in
diagrams and drawings. It also
carries the blood back to your heart.
Red blood cells carry oxygen. They
can increase the surface for gas
exchange. You can find a lot of them
in your blood.
Platelets are white cells that help
stop wounds that keep on bleeding.
Plasma is a white liquid that flows
around your body.
What Does This System Work With?
The Circulatory system works
with the Respiratory system
because when we breath in
and out oxygen and carbon
dioxide, the red blood cells
transports these around your
How Can You Help Protect This System?
You can help by not smoking
first, because your red
blood cells carry your
oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Also, try to avoid anything
that might damage your
The End!