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Circulatory System WebQuest
First go to the link for Part 1 (this will work on a smartphone)
1. What are the 2 functions of the circulatory system?
2. What are the three parts of the circulatory system?
3. About how large is a human heart?
4. What are three things you can do to keep your heart healthy?
5. What does your blood carry to and from your cells?
a. To the body/cells:
b. Away from the body/cells:
6. Describe the role of red blood cells (RBC) in the body
7. Describe the role of white blood cells (WBCs)
8. Describe the role of platelet cells in the blood
9. What is plasma?
10. The process of making blood cells is called hematopoesis. Where does this occur?
11. List the three types of blood vessels.
12. Describe the function of arteries. (How will you remember this?)
13. Describe the two roles of capillaries
14. Read the function of veins. What molecule is being carried by the RBCs (red blood cells) back to the
heart to leave the body?
15. At the top of the web page click on Diagrams of the Heart, Blood and Vessels help you label the
pictures below.
What type of blood cells are these?
Now go to the link for Part 2
Go through the steps of the animation to answer the questions below. As you navigate through the slides, you
may press the “PLAY” button to hear the audio that accompanies the text.
1. The heart is referred to as what of the circulatory system?
Describe how the heart is divided into sections:
2. OXYGENATED blood comes to the heart from the ________________and enters the_______________
side of the heart in this type of vessel-_______________________ (toward the heart). These are the
only veins in the body that carry oxygen. The rest carry _______________ the waste of cell respiration.
3. What side of the heart does oxygenated blood enter first?
4. What is the largest artery called and what is its job? ( info on slide 4 and 6)
5. What are valves responsible for preventing?
6. What kind of blood do arteries carry?
7. Where (what vessel) does oxygen and carbon dioxide gas exchange occur?
On the diagram below map out the flow of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) gases:
(Use the numbers and description to label the picture with correct key terms)
1. From the lungs to the heart
2. Through the correct side of the heart and away from the heart to the body
3. In the “away” vessels to site of gas exchange ___________________(O2 with CO2)
4. From the body back in the “towards” the heart vessels
5. Entering the correct side of the heart with waste gas ______ to leave the body.
6. Being pumped to the lungs for exhale: phew!
Click on the third link to answer this ever popular question!!
Is blood ever blue and why does it appear blue in veins near the skin?