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Human Systems
(Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory,
and Excretory)
By Amber Fontaine
the human body needs systems in order to
without one of these systems the human
body would not function on its own
scientists use graphs to show data they
collected in an experiment
the medical profession was developed out
of a need to understand how the body works
Vocabulary Cards with pictures
System posters with pictures
Partner work
Independent practice
Little reading books
KWL Chart (with W filled in for students)
Testing material with pictures of systems
Graphic organizers (Venn Diagram)
Think, Pair, Share
Using the Core Proposition!
Teachers are committed to student learning
I wanted the students to really enjoy learning about the 4 systems in the human body that I was going
to teach them. I choose activities and assessments that I felt the students would be both engaged in
and enjoy doing. When I would look at activities I would really think about the dynamics of my class
and decide which ones fit the group of students that I was working with this year.
Teachers know there subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects
Before I started teaching my unit, I did research to help me better understand the 4 systems of the
human body that I was going to teach the students about. I looked about information at an adult
level, so that I would be prepared to answer any questions that the students might ask me while I was
teaching the unit.
Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning
I created a pretest and posttest, so that I could see what the students know before I start the unit and
really see if they learned the information I wanted them to learn by the end of the unit. I also have
many types of assessment spread throughout my unit to help me see if the students are mastering
what I am teaching them over time. I used several types of assessments to see if the students can
explain the information in multiple ways.
Teachers think systematically about their practice
I spent a lot of time creating and thinking about the design of my unit. I decided which system I
wanted to teach first and which ones made sense to talk about next. I spent time really looking into
good activities that would engage the students into the exploration of the systems in the human body.
I wanted the students to learn the information in a way that would fit their needs as well as my own.