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Reflect on the articles and answer:
a. What comes to mind when you think of assessment?
​ ssessment is a method used to evaluate and determine what a person knows and has
learned. Assessment is very important for tracking progress, planning next steps, and reporting.
b. How do assessments support our teaching practices?
Assessments invites students and teachers to recognize growth and accomplishments as well
as identify opportunities for improvement and development. It is not separate from the learning
process: It is an integral step on the path to deeper learning. Student self assessment is also an
integral part of the learning process to support teacher learning. When students engage in
evaluating their own learning, that is articulating, reflecting, internalizing it, and goal setting, they
are able to achieve greater comprehension. Assessment, both instructor and student
reinforces skills, deepens knowledge, and prepares students for the future.
c. What do you agree with in these articles? What do you disagree with?
I really resonated with the section that said the following:
For teachers who are still at the beginning stages of rethinking how they measure student
progress, the webinar included a list of key takeaways. If you can manage to incorporate these
ideals into your instruction, Sackstein argued, you’re well on your way to cultivating more
inclusive and authentic learning experiences:
If a grade is necessary, delay it for as long as you can.
Provide multiple formative assessment opportunities, daily.
Provide strategic feedback that promotes growth.
Empower students to advocate for their own learning.
Facilitate reflection in students as an essential part of learning.
Have clear learning goals and co‐construct success criteria.
Celebrate successes and mistakes as a means for more growth.
Build a culture of peer efficacy and let students practice.
“Adding the "Value" to Student Evaluation -Noble Ingram”
However, I do not agree with the statement, “If a grade is necessary, delay it for as long as you
can.” I believe that students learn best through a system of clear learning targets, quality
formative assessment, developmental feedback, and the opportunity to respond to that
feedback in order to guide their effort toward higher levels of understanding. Frequent grading or
feedback is essential.
d. In your classroom, what is your preferred method for formative assessments? Summative
assessments? I prefer to use frequent formative assessments. The strength of formative
assessment lies in the critical information it provides about student comprehension throughout
the learning process and the opportunity it gives educators to provide students with timely and
action-oriented feedback and to change their own behavior so that every student has an
opportunity to learn and relearn.