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Aztec culture and
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Aztec culture
• Polytheism
• The belief in many gods and
• Somewhat like Greek
• Nature based society. They
believed humans were just a part
of nature and subject to it.
• Very different from the Spanish
view of humans being
• Their written language was
hieroglyphic, they used symbols
to keep record of events and tell
Aztec innovation
• Tenochtitlan
City they built on a lake
Huge stone fortresses
• Large pyramids rivaling those of Egypt
• Irrigation to grow crops
• Chinampas
Man made islands used to grow crops
• Sophisticated canal system to deliver the
goods to the market in the city
• Population of Tenochtitlan:
200,000-300,000 people
• Upper Class
A model of Tenochtitlan and the map of the
city above it. Note how it is built on an island
in the lake.
Aztec innovation
• Rubber Masters
• It is believed that the Aztecs
utilized rubber hundreds of
years before modern usage.
• Calendar based on the Sun
• Ability to track time and
understand the rotational
basis of nature
• They believed that the
Sun was controlled by
gods and must be fed in
order for it to rise each
Aztec Sun Calendar
Aztec culture and
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