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Social Psychology
Chapter 14
O Identify the name associated with
each major social psych study.
1. Stanford Prison
2. Obedience
3. Conformity
4. Zimbardo; Milgram; Asch
O This often happens in politics and on
juries where people attempt to
conform their opinions to what they
believe to be the consensus of the
O Groupthink
O Identify the major findings regarding
people in emergency situations that
Darley and Latane discovered in their
research after the Kitty Genovese
O Diffusion of responsibility; bystander
O The reward theory of attraction states
that we base our interpersonal
attraction on these four things.
O Proximity, similarity, self-disclosure,
physical attractiveness
O We often have discomfort when our
behaviors conflict with our attitudes or
thoughts. Therefore, we must change
either our behaviors or attitudes. This
is known as…
O Cognitive dissonance
O When we tend to focus on
dispositional factors instead of
situational factors, we are committing
the ____. Is it more common in
collectivist or individualistic cultures?
O Fundamental attribution error;
O Often, we take credit for our
successes, but deny responsibility for
our failures. This is
O Self-serving bias
O Prejudice is to _______ as
discrimination is to ______.
O Thoughts; actions
O You will join in riots after the Cubs win
the World Series this year. You
wouldn’t normally do this, but since
the group will assume responsibility
instead of you, the individual, you do.
O Deindividuation
O Name the 3 components of
Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love.
O Intimacy, passion, commitment
O You absolutely love the 7:30 start time
at GCHS. After talking to your friends
who love it, too, you begin to feel even
more strongly. What is this?
O Group polarization
O ___________ is the perceived or real
differences or similarities between
oneself and another.
O Social distance
O An increase in performance due to
being in a group is ______; a decrease
in performance because of being in a
group is _______.
O Social facilitation; social loafing
O This route to persuasion uses facts and
evidence to influence people while this route
to persuasion uses superficial cues (ex.
celebraties) to influence people.
O Central; peripheral
O This persuasion technique gets people to
agree to a small request in hopes that they
will feel obligated to agree to later larger
O Foot-in-the-door
O The actor-observer bias is the tendency to
attribute our behaviors to ___________
factors and others’ behaviors to
______________ factors.
O Situational;dispositional
O We tend to take credit for our successes and
deny responsibility for our failures when
using the ________.
O Self-serving bias