Download SPICE Full-wave Rectifier Model and Simulation

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 SPICE homework, build a full-wave rectifier circuit as follows
in Pspice.
SPICE Full-wave Rectifier Model and
 Use VSIN as input vs , and its peak voltage is given as 10v.
Frequency is 1kHz.
 Use Dbreak as D1 and D2
 R is given as 100KΩ
 Hand in (a) Netlist
(b) Plot vs versus vo .
(c) Set the peak voltage of vs2 equals to 0, what ‘s the
difference from (a)? Give the result of simulation
and explain.
(d) According to professor ‘s note in class. Discuss the
practical full-wave rectifier (by adding a capacity
C=800nF), and show the result of simulation.
Explain how the wave is generated.
Calculate Vr and ΔT.
 Your report should be printed out with A4 and hand in on
5/17(Fri) to LAB 41206.
SPICE Full-wave Rectifier Model and