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World War II and Beyond
• A political philosophy that
emphasizes the state over the
• Propaganda is used to convince the
people that a strong central
government is the way to
economic and military success.
• Opposition is suppressed by
threat of violence.
• A term for a government that
controls every aspect of public
and private life in the country.
• Usually they use propaganda and
surveillance to control the masses.
• Opposition is suppressed through
violent acts.
• the incorporation (inclusion) of a
country or other territory within
the domain of a state
• Nation Socialist German
• A German political party whose
leadership was taken over by
Adolph Hitler
Final Solution
• The Nazi program of exterminating Jews
under Hitler
*it is specifically referring to the mass
destruction of Jewish and other people by the
Nazis in World War Two.
Cold War
• The ideological conflict between the
Soviet Union and the United States at
the end of World War II
Hydrogen Bomb
• A bomb, more powerful than an atomic
bomb, that derives its explosive energy
from the thermonuclear fusion of
hydrogen isotopes
Arms Race
• Competition between countries to
achieve superiority in quantity and
quality of military arms
• An extremely powerful nation, especially
one capable of influencing international
events and the acts and the policies of
less powerful nations
Berlin Wall
• A guarded concrete wall, 28 miles, with
minefields and controlled checkpoints,
erected across Berlin by East Germany
in 1961 and dismantled in 1989
European Union
• An association of European nations
formed in 1993 for the purpose of
achieving political and economic