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information, ideas, or rumors
deliberately spread widely to help
or harm a person, group,
movement, institution, nation,
Glittering Generality
This is when a speaker
uses a word that is
general and positive so
that the reader will
link that word with
the speaker.
“Mothers Know Best”
for a female political
• This is when a speaker
says that there is
already a group of
people that have done
what they would like
you to do.
• “Thousands of
Americans have
already joined.”
Think of how effective this would
be if used in conjunction with
GG, SA, T, or T.
Snob Appeal
This is when a speaker uses
a technique to appeal to
those who want to be part
of an elite or exclusive
“Sax’s Sixth Avenue, for
those with finer tastes.”
Plain Folks
• This is when an author
tries to convince you
that he is just like you.
• I grew up in the
mountains of North
Carolina and I know
what it is to be poor.
(even though I am a rich
politician who hasn’t
been home in years.)
This is when a product is
endorsed by someone who has
supposedly tried it.
“Hooked on Phonics worked for
To go one step further, when
designing this marketing
campaign, they will make the
person/people in this
commercial resemble the
person/people they want to
buy this product. Look at
some examples on your own.
Name Calling
This is when one product or
person says discouraging
things (true or untrue)
about the opposition in
order to move the consumer
to its side.
Think back to election time.
When you turned on the
television, did you hear any
name-calling propaganda?
Emotional Appeal
• This is when an author
uses emotional
language or images to
evoke an emotion in
the viewer.
• Fear-Showing
damaged homes or
dramatic situations
• Happiness-showing a
“perfect” life
Logical Fallacies
• This is when the
speaker draws an
illogical conclusion
but makes it sound
• Christians believe in
god. Muslims
believe in god.
Christianity is the
same as Islam.
This is when a
product is linked to a
famous personality
such as a musician or
athlete in order to
transfer the
popularity to the
product or idea.
True Star and
Curious and Britney
Allen Iverson and I3
and many more!