Download Extra Credit: 25 pts. Brave New World Propaganda Poster

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Extra Credit: 25 pts.
Brave New World
Propaganda Poster
Propaganda- information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread
widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution,
nation, etc.; the particular doctrines or principles propagated
by an organization or movement.
Directions: Design a poster for a public place in Brave New
World. (Think: bus stops or magazine ads.) The Propaganda
poster must urge citizens to comply with a social norm in
Aldous Huxley’s fictitious world. Use hypnopaedic slogans if
possible. The more colorful and creative your poster is, the
more points you will earn.
Poster Topic Examples:
• Convince society that “family” and “mother”
are dirty words.
• De-emphasize life in a family unit…
promote communal living
• Promote genetic engineering, soma, or
• Convince citizens that a big, controlling
government is beneficial
• Urge citizens to consume something like
travel or game apparatus.