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Sects and Sacred Practices
Sacred Practices
Ideal is to remember God
in everything one does,
through prayer and
keeping the
• Circumcision–Boys at 8 days old
• Mikva-
–Deep bath structure- ritual purity
Women- men- conversion- newly
acquired utensils in serving or eating
• Marital Sex
– Sacred
– Adultery forbidden
• Kosher
– Ritually acceptable
– Warm-blooded, cloven hoofs, chew cud
– Some poultry
– Drain blood, no meat and milk mixed
• Weekday
– T’fillin
• Small leather boxes containing verses about the
– Talit
• Fringed prayer shawl, to keep heads covered at all
• Daily prayer- morning, afternoon, evening
• Prayer daily in synagogue
Sabbath Praise
• Sabbath
– Sunset Friday night to sunset Saturday Night
– No work
– Synagogue
– Torah scrolls kept in Ark
• Study of Torah
• Friday/Saturday
– Dinner- family time
– Havdala ceremony- Saturday night
• Shabbat Worship
• The community and congregation are welcome to worship with us
each Shabbat. Throughout the year, there are some special
Shabbats with different start times such as Synaplex. Please check
the calendar on this website for any change in service times.
Friday night:
Shabbat worship is at 8:00 p.m, except the first Friday of the month
when we have Family Shabbat worship at 7:15 p.m.
Saturday morning:
Shabbat worship is at 11:00 a.m. when there is a Bar or Bat
Mitzvah. On other Shabbat mornings worship is at 10:45 a.m.
following Torah Study. Several times during the year there is also a
9:00 a.m. Shabbat service at which one of our young people
becomes a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. It is best to check the calendar on
this website or in your Beth Or News for service times on Saturday
• Bar Mitzvah-boys
• Bat Mitzvah-girls
• Becoming a full fledged member of the
Jewish community
• Orthodox/Hasidic
• Conservative
• Reform
• Reconstructionist
• Secular*
• Havurot*
• Traditional
• Entire Torah given to Moses
• Daily worship, dietary laws, traditional prayers
and ceremonies, regular and intensive study of
the Torah, separation of men and women in the
synagogue, strict observance of Sabbath and
religious festivals, no instruments during service
Accept other groups as Jewish but not
marriages, divorces, conversions on grounds not
done in accordance with Jewish law
• Baal Shem Tov
• Influenced by Kabbalah
• Emphasizes personal experience of God
over religious education and ritual.
• Common activities hold religious value
• Tzaddik or rebbe- leader- enlightened and
close to God, look to him for guidance
• Wish to conserve traditional elements
while allowing for modernization
• Observe Sabbath and dietary laws, three
daily prayers, holidays and life-cycle
events, women may be rabbis, Jewish
nationalism, study Hebrew, Zionism
• Strive to live by Jewish law in daily lives
• Liberal- Germany- early 1800’s
• Deemphasizes Jewish people-hood,
services in vernacular, instruments in
service, lack of observance of dietary
laws, monotheism, focus on ethical
behavior, women rabbis, interfaith
families accepted, gays and lesbians
• Mordecai Kaplan
• Do not hold supernatural Torah given
by God
• Denied Jews chosen people of God,
new prayer book, deleted portions
found offensive, no physical
resurrection, denied God rewards or
punishes Israel
• Havurot- Community of Jews- not
belonging to any group
• Secular Jews- cultural/origins but
not practice religion- Jewish by
birth but may marry non-Jews,