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The Endocrine System and
Health Chapter 2: Lesson 4
Pages 76 - 83
What is Puberty?
• Puberty is the physical process in which your
body begins to develop reproductive cells.
Girls’ bodies develop ability to
process ova
Boys’ bodies start producing sperm
• Puberty takes happens during adolescence
the years in which you are
growing into adulthood
• During adolescence you will mature
intellectually, emotionally, and socially as well
as physically.
• Some people complete the process of puberty
in one year, but the process of adolescence
can last for several years.
• Puberty may begin between the ages of 8 and
13 for girls and between the ages of 10 and 15
for boys.
It begins when your brains releases
a chemical that starts the changes;
determined by genes and nutrition.
What are Hormones?
• One of the body’s systems for producing
chemicals is called the endocrine system
system that includes organs called
glands which make chemicals used to
help development and growth
• The chemicals released by these glands that
tell the body how to develop, grow, or react
are called hormones
• Each gland has important jobs that affect how
your body works:
thyroid gland controls how quickly your
body turn the nutrients in your food to energy
as well as how quickly these nutrients are used
for building and repairing cells.
adrenal gland produces adrenaline
which gives your body extra energy when you’re
scared or angry.
pituitary gland is called the “master
gland”; it releases more than 2 dozen hormones,
most importantly the growth hormone.
What Physical Changes Can I Expect?
• First thing that happens is a growth spurt
a period of rapid growth
( boys get taller, more muscular strength, weight
gain, body hair, changes in skin, and deeper
(girls get taller, curvier shape, weight gain, body
hair, changes in skin)
• Because of all the changes happening in your
body, it’s important to practice good hygiene
practices that keep a person clean
and healthy
Other Vocabulary
• Perspiration: wetness; sweat produced by
sweat glands.
• Acne: a common skin disorder caused when
excess oil plugs the pores of the skin, resulting
in pimples that erupt on the face and upper
body areas.