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The upper lip is
to the chin.
The shoulder is
superior or inferior ?
to the heart.
The index finger is
lateral or medial?
to the palm of the hand.
proximal or distal ?
The spine is
to the stomach. anterior or posterior ?
The foot is
to the hip.
The eye is
proximal or distal?
to the ear.
anterior and medial?
The diaphragm is
to the lungs.
Superior or inferior?
• Sagittal Plane
• divides the body into left and
• Midsagittal Plane
• divides the body into EQUAL left
and right halves
• Frontal Plane
• divides the body into front and
back portions
• Transverse Plane
• divides the body into upper and
lower portions
• Dorsal Cavity
• includes cranial cavity and spinal
• Ventral Cavity
• includes thoracic cavity, abdominal
cavity, and pelvic cavity