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Anatomy and Function of Special
Cow Eye Dissection
(Google, Image, Cow Eye Dissection)
• Identify the assigned superficial structures
• Make a coronal section
– With the scalpel make an incision 1cm (the width of the scalpel's blade)
below the junction of cornea & sclera
– With scissors cut around the cornea keeping the 1cm distance from the
junction all around
– To remove the jellylike transparent substance, hold down the lens by left
thumb and scoop out the jellylike substance by right thumb
– Detach the lens from the iris
– Scoop out the jellylike substance from the posterior cavity very gently
not to disturb the retina (immerse the posterior part of the cow eye in the
water to reshape the retina)
• Identify the assigned structures
• Use the human eye model to study the muscles responsible for eye
Muscles of the Eye
To identify the medial/lateral ends of the eye:
• For superior/inferior oblique muscles, their attached part to the
sclera is the more lateral side
• Optic nerve II is located more medially
Sagittal Section of the Eye
External, Middle, and Inner Ear
Organ of Corti
The Tongue
• (a) Dorsal Surface
• (b) Papilla (enlargements
on the surface of the
• (c) Taste bud (view the
microscopic slide)