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By: Kim Fiorani
Physical therapists use a lot of new
What applications should physical
therapists use?
They are unsure of what applications to use
on patients
Now you can learn about the
different applications
I found three different applications that
are commonly used
Hot/cold packs decrease pain and swelling
and help relax the muscles
Heat causes vasodilatation of the vessels &
increases circulation
Cold causes vasoconstriction
of the blood vessels
These bring blood and
nutrients to the infected area
Ultrasound uses high or low
frequency sound waves
Ultrasound can be used to break up
scar tissue after major surgery
Treats injuries such as sprain,
tendonitis, or open wounds
Sound waves penetrate the muscle to
cause deep tissue/muscle warming
EMS is an electrical current that causes
muscles to contract
Muscles will contract involuntarily
This will help re-gain most of your
strength after a major surgery
This could also re-train muscles after a
brain injury
I have just described the most
commonly used applications
There are still a lot of other applications
that can be used
Now you can be a successful physical