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The Benefits of a
What is a warm-up?
FIRST part of every
training session
This involves gradually
warming up all muscles
and body parts
The Benefits include:
↑ body and tissue
↑ blood flow
through the muscles
↑ the heart rate
↓ the risk of injury
to the muscles
Aerobic phase:
Start with 5-8 minutes
of cardiovascular
activity- easy jog
This phase circulates
the blood through all
the muscles
provides greater
flexibility for stretching
Objective: is to
circulate the blood &
warm the muscles for
Stretching phase:
This phase is ten minutes
long; each stretch should
be held for 10 to 15
This phase improves:
↑ relaxation of the
improves the muscle’s
ability to withstand force
during exercise
Technical Skill phase:
Involves progression
drills that start at a low
and progress to an
intermediate level
 10-15 minutes
Objective: works on
preparation for training
or competition
The total warm-up session should take about
_______ minutes.
What are the three phases?
The warm up not only gets the ______ ready
for activity but it’s also a time to _________
prepare the mind for a workout or competition.