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The Importance of Physical Activity: Section 13-1 Vocabulary
 Physical Activity: Any movement that requires large muscle groups to work.
 Endorphins: Chemicals that block pain messages from reaching brain cells and
produce feelings of pleasure.
 Physical Fitness: Having the energy and strength to participate in a variety of
 Body Composition: A measure of how much body fat a person has, as compared to
muscle and bone.
 Aerobic Exercise: An ongoing physical activity that raises your breathing and
heart rates.
 Anaerobic Exercise: Intense physical activity that lasts for a few seconds to a few
 Isometric Exercise: Exercise in which muscles but very little body movement
occurs. An example is a plank.
 Isotonic Exercise: Exercise that involves contracting and relaxing muscles through
the full range of their joints motion. An example is a push up.
 Isokinetic Exercise: Exercise performed with machines that ensure muscles
contract at a constant rate.