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Curtain Raisers
New Youth Agenda for Valjevo by Jovana and
Project Description
Problem analysis
- Young children have no place where they can
play together, because the older ones have
destroyed the playgrounds
- Instead of playing outside,children are more
interested in playing video games and staying
in their houses
- For teenagers there are not many options and
choices for their hobbies and activities
Project Description
Target Group
Primary Target Group: Children in primary school
Secondary Target Group:Teenagers
Project Description
Project Objective
The main objective of this project is to help
young people to live a stronger and healthier
life and to have a better communication with
other people.
Action Plan: Performing Arts
Activity: Art School
Time: Every week day from 8p.m. till 10p.m.
Responsible: The teachers
Resources: costumes,theatre,musicals
Outcome: to entertain children
Action Plan: Sports
Activity:The Sport School
Time: every Tuesday and Thursday at 10a.m.
and 7p.m.
Responsible: The rabbit team
Resources: space for tennis, basketball, football
and volleyball
Outcome: get healthier
Action Plan: Summer Camps
Activity:Camp Rock
Time: every summer (3rd of July- 18th of August)
Responsible: popular artists and music school
Resources: music instruments, performers, a big
Outcome: to connect more with people
Getting Ideas
Here are some websites listing events and
activities in our country and round the world.
They might give you a few ideas:
Belgrade London Sidney
Agents4change DoSomething
Photos taken from: