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Lecture 4
February 10, 2000
There will be a Quiz
• February 17
– Last term, it was to write an application that
prints your name.
DOS Environment Variables
• Each variable has a name and a value
– Both parts are strings.
– The command interpreter and application programs can
find out the value (if any) of any variable.
• Use set to list and alter environment variables
• Examples
• Value is a semicolon-separated list of directories.
• Used by the command interpreter to search for command files.
• Value is a semicolon-separated list of directories.
• Used by JDK tools to search for class files.
Looking Things Up
• Using the JDK Documentation
– Using the Java API Documentation
– Using the Java Tools Documentation
Two Dimensional Arrays
• An array can have any number of
• Example
boolean[][] truth = new boolean[3][4];
2D Array Sample Code
• [ ]
– Download this program and experiment with it.
Exercise 2
• Due February 17
• Write a Java application that prints each of
the command line arguments on a separate
line on the console.