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Warm Up 10/17/14
1. How did the constitution of 1791 change
the French government?
2. Who were the sans-culottes and what
type of government did they want?
Warm Up 10/17/12
1. What was the name of the second
government of the French Revolution and
what type of government was it?
2. Who led the “Reign of Terror” and the
Committee of Public Safety?
Warm Up 10/16/14
1.What was the name of the government
that came after the legislative assembly
and what type of government was it?
2. Read “Tension Leads to Violence”
discuss with a partner if you think the
violence was justifiable.
3.Which of these first demonstrated that
popular protest would play a role in the
French Revolution?
A. The reign of the Committee of Public
B. The trial of Louis XIV.
C. The fall of the Bastille.
D. The Civil Constitution of the Clergy.
Warm Up 10/20/14
Read both of the excerpts in the orange box
on page 122.
1. List three reasons Marat stated for why
the execution of the king was ok.
2. According to the London Times how will
Frenchmen be viewed as a result of the
Warm Up Pair Share
Discuss with a partner, which of the two
articles makes a better case for or against
the execution of King Louis XVI
Warm Up 10/21/14
1. Who was the architect of the “Reign of
Terror” and the head of the Committee of
Public Safety?
2. List the names and types of governments
that have been created up to this point in
the French Revolution.
Radical Days of the
Standard 10.2.4
• Explain how the ideology of the French
Revolution led France to develop from a
constitutional monarchy, to democratic
despotism, to the Napoleonic empire.
• Students note how the French Revolution
turned radical leading to mass executions
in a period known as the reign of terror.
Rulers fear spread of Revolution
• Emigres: nobles,
clergy, and others
who fled France to
escape the revolution.
“The French Plague”
French Rats
Monarchs from other
European countries
What is the significance/importance of this cartoon?
It shows how the other European rulers feared the spread of the French Revolution
Catherine of Russian, the Pope, King Leopold, and King George III
The Revolution is portrayed as the Bubonic Plague (diseased Rats)
with the main killing machine, (guillotine) as the tail
France Goes to war
• Legislative assembly declared war on
Austria, Prussia, and Britain.
• Some radicals believed the king was
plotting to help the enemies
Radicals Take Over
Radicals called for a new
government and
approved the
National Convention
(republic),which replaced
the legislative assembly
Legislative Assembly
National Convention
Second constitution of
the revolution
• The new government abolished the monarchy
and created a republic.
abolished = to do away with or get rid of
republic: government in which people vote for representatives to
Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
• The National Convention put Louis XVI on
trial as a traitor to France, he was
sentenced to death by a single vote.
• Louis XVI Executed in January of 1793
• Marie Antoinette was also sentenced
to death and executed in October.
“Frenchmen, I die innocent. I pardon
the authors of my death I pray God
that the blood about to be spilt will
never fall upon the head of France…”
Louis XVI
about to
Reign of Terror
September 1793-July 1794
• Committee of Public Safety: Twelve
member committee that had absolute
power, being in charge of both trials and
• Led the period of the revolution known as
the Reign of Terror
Maximilien Robespierre
• Father of the
Reign of Terror.
• Head of the
Committee of
Public Safety
“Liberty cannot
be secured,
unless criminals
lose their heads.”
Reign of Terror
-300,000 were arrested
-17,000 were executed
-Many died in prison awaiting their trials.
Only 15% of those sentenced to death by the
guillotine were nobility and clergy.
Reign of Terror
• Fearing for their own lives the National
Convention turned on the Committee of
Public Safety.
• Robespierre and other members were
executed ending the reign of terror.
• Following the death of Robespierre the
killings slowed.
• France created a new government called
the directory (3rd constitution 1795)
-five man directory
-two house legislature
Directory 1795-1799
• Constitution of 1795 set up a five man
directory and a two house legislature.
• As emigres returned to France many
embraced the idea of recreating a
constitutional monarchy.
Napoleon Bonaparte
• In 1799 Napoleon takes
over and becomes the
leader of France
• The revolution lasted for ten
years and ends without