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16 sec.2
Beginning of War
Austria & Germany
Munich Pact
France & England give Hitler part of
Czechoslovakia known as Sudetenland
 “Last territorial demand.”
 “Peace in our time.” - Chamberlain
Appeasement - policy of giving up
principles to make an aggressor happy
Hitler invaded the rest of the country
and not a shot was fired
Non-Aggression Pact
Hitler and Stalin agree not to attack
each other and to invade Poland.
 September 1st, 1939 - Germany
invades Poland (WWII starts)
Germany Invades Poland
World War II starts
September 3rd - U.K. & France declare
war against Germany
Lightning war - German way of
Phony War
Time period in which there was no
fighting after the fall of Poland
Note Quiz
1. What were Germany, Italy and Japan called?
2. What were the United Kingdom, France and Canada called?
3. What was the agreement between the Soviet Union and
4. What was the area of Czechoslovakia that was given to the
5. What is the policy of giving up principles to make an
aggressor happy?
6. Who was the leader of the United Kingdom at the start of
World War II?
7. World War II started with the invasion of what country?
8. What was the German method of war called?
9. What did Hitler say after the Munich Pact?
10. What was the time period called when there was no fighting
after the invasion of Poland?