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The Rise of Dictators
Fascism-a political philosophy that advocates a strong centralized, nationalistic government
headed by a powerful dictator
Causes of Hostility
Japan and Italy feel betrayed by The Treaty of Versailles. Both helped win but were not
rewarded. Established goals for territorial expansion
Germany-treated harshly-blamed for war, $33 billion in reparations, colonial losses, cannot have
military or enter the Rhineland
The Road to World War II
1935-Italy attacks Ethiopia-revenge for 1896 loss
Hitler enters the Rhineland-no action taken by France or the League of Nations
1938-Hitler invades Austria and then looks toward the Sudetenland. France and Russia would
support Czechoslovakia if attacked
9/2/39-Munich Agreement-appeasement-Hitler and Neville Chamberlain make agreement saying
that Germany could take control of the Sudetenland and agree to stop taking over land
3/1939-Hitler conquered the rest of CzechoslovakiaPoland
9/1939-Germany invades Poland-Britain and France declare war.
World War II
4/1940-Hitler conquers Denmark and Norway
6/1940-Germany takes over France
6/1941-Hitler invades Soviet Union despite non-aggression pact
Leibenstraum-“living space”
Germany hurt by “General Winter”
US Aid to Allies
Lend Lease Act-allowed the United States to lend and lease raw materials and equipment
Axis Powers vs. Allied Powers
Axis Powers-Germany, Italy, Japan
Allied Powers-Britain, France, Soviet Union, United States (12/7/41)