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World War II
By: Alyssa Lawson
How the war started
• On September 1st, 1939, Hitler and Nazis
faked a Polish attack on a minor German
radio station to justify a German invasion of
• An hour later Hitler declared war to Poland.
Stating that one of his reasons was “The
attack by regular Polish troops on the
Gleiwitz transmitter.
How long the war lasted
and how many people
were in it
• World War II was a
global military conflict
lasting from 1939 until
• There were 16 million
people in the war.
• 671,485 U.S. Soldiers
were wounded and
450,670 U.S. Soldiers
What happened during
World War II
• Troop movements were often
heavily censored.
• The broadcasts were only
told on the radios, since the
TV’s were switched off.
What happened to North
America during World War II
• North America was attacked by the Axis
• Those attacks were rare, due to the
continents geographical separation from
the central theaters of conflict.
How did World War II end?
• World War II ended with the
unconditional surrender of the
Axis Powers.
• Germany surrendered May 7th
to the Western Allies, May 8th
they surrendered to the Soviet
Union, and about a week later,
Adolf Hitler committed suicide.