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Chapter 26- World War II
1. Demilitarized2. appeasement3. sanction4. Adolph Hitler5. Benito Mussolini6. Joseph Stalin7. Chiang Kai-shek8. blitzkrieg9. partisan10. Franklin D. Roosevelt11. Douglas McArthur12. Winston Churchill13. Harry S. Truman14. genocide15. collaborator16. Heinrich Himmler17. Reinhard Heydrich18. mobilization19. kamikaze20. Cold War21. Albert Speer22. General Hideki Tojo-
Section 1
1. Where did Hitler believe he could find more “living space” to expand Germany?
2. Why did Japan what to establish a New Order in East Asia?
Section 2
1. In the spring of 1941, what caused Hitler to delay his invasion of the Soviet Union?
2. What halted the German advance once it had begun?
3. By the spring of 1942, which territories did Japan control?
4. Why was the German assault on Stalingrad a crushing defeat for the Germans?
5. What was the “second front” that the Allies opened in Western Europe?
Section 3
1. What was Hitler’s vision for the residents of eastern Europe?
2. What was the job of the Einssatzgruppen?
3. How did the Japanese treat the native peoples in occupied lands?
Section 4
1. How did World War II contribute to racial tensions in the United States?
2. Why were civilian populations targeted in bombing raids?
3. Why did Stalin want to control Eastern Europe after World War II?